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Time for a Little Re-creation!

Updated: May 29

From the renewing rains of Spring comes abundant life. Seeds have been planted, germinated, well-watered, and have sprouted up. As the sun finds its peak in the sky things are starting to really warm up.

As the dad of a Kindergartener and Preschooler, our life has begun to again revolve around the school year. We have anxiously been awaiting the start of Summer break and the welcome mornings of NOT frantically getting dressed and out the door to school.

Summer brings long days with early sunrises and late sunsets. It’s easy to lose track of bedtime, and that’s ok. While the heat of the mid-summer days can be extreme, great pleasure can be found under the shade of a tree or back deck umbrella. These are little life-giving moments.

For our family, summer is a season of getting out, getting on the lake, exploring state parks and hiking paths, and taking road trips. Suzanne and I often reflect on how things were a year ago in contrast to how they are now. For us, at least two of our summer trips are re-schedules of something we had planned and looked forward to a year ago. There’s a good lesson there. With this perspective we will enjoy them even more.

Here at Faithful Shepherd, I appreciate the ebb and flow of the seasons too. I was ordained and installed in the month of July, and have enjoyed the way that summer presents itself as a time to transition, re-charge, re-focus, make some plans for the future. It’s also a time, as it’s always time, to celebrate what God is doing in and through the church.

Here are some highlights for the upcoming Summer season here at Faithful Shepherd.

H.O.P.E. Garden – You are always invited to come check out the beauty of our garden. Walk through the perennial pollinator garden as bumble bees and butterflies surround you. Examine the perfect rows of crops being raised. Rejoice that we are Helping Omaha’s People Eat. Join us June 20th for a Garden Sunday Celebration!

Vacation Bible School – I know you remember the 80’s. The theme of this year’s VBS is so great: the 80’s meet the A.D.’s It’s a study in the work of the early church with a bodacious angle. This year’s VBS will be hybrid. Families will kick off together on Wednesday, do their own activities on Thursday-Friday, and then come back to the church for a field day on Saturday and it will all culminate in outdoor worship on Sunday.

This year’s VBS is July 21-25.

Guest preachers bring fresh perspectives – As my family hits the road, we graciously welcome guest preachers. Sarah Martin is a member at Hope Presbyterian and a teacher at Millard South, Chaplain Merlyn Klaus works with Good News Prison Ministry, Suzanne Gorhau brings inspiration from Marion Medical Mission, and Steve Drager is one of our own elders who has served the church through many seasons.

May this season be one of re-creation for you!

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