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Loving, Simple, Free

Life can sure seem complex sometimes, can’t it? Days spent with three kids at home can seem like a blur, and at the end of it Suzanne and I look at it and say “where did it go?”

Do you ever feel the same?

Our schedule can best be described by the old adage of two ships passing in the night. Some days I’m in the church office early in the morning to complete my work so I can be home in the afternoon, and other days Suzanne pulls into the driveway as I pull out of it for an evening meeting.

Even in the midst of it all, we wouldn’t trade what we each are each called to and what we choose to do with our lives when it comes to our work and play.

As I continue to form my life at home and at the church as a pastor, husband, father, citizen, and friend, I have recently begun to ask myself three very simple but principled questions that guide the movements of my life. I share these with you, as they have been impactful for me.

The questions are:

Is it loving?

Examples: Does it show neighborly love? Does it put others first? Does it show compassion and grace towards me and others? Is it destructive? Does it bring unity?

Is it simple?

Examples: Does it come from and help foster a sense of contentment? Is it more complex than it needs to be? Is it greedy or materialistic?

Is it free? (Meaning, does it bring freedom)

Examples: Does this bind me to something that’s harmful or dangerous? What are the ‘costs?’

I ask myself these three questions on a daily and on-going basis, and they help me make principled decisions on large and small scales. Each of these questions work in harmony with one another, meaning that one is not left behind. If something is freeing but it’s not loving, it must be questioned.

I invite you to ask yourself these questions as you continue to form your life. See how they might help you each and every day.

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