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Lessons Learned in Folk Alley

The radio station I listen to the most is not over the air but online. Folk Alley ( is a great source for Americana, Roots, and Folk music. Yup…that’s what I’m into. And yes, my kids give me a hard time about it. My father-in-law reminded me that “no kid likes their dad’s music.” These words are ringing true for me. Ah, but I now digress.

Folk Alley is a member-reliant station. They rely on member support to continue to function the way they have been for the past 18 years. Their goal is to remain both commercial free and free for anyone to listen to. They just ask those who are able to give to the station and join as members.

I stumbled upon Folk Alley about two years ago and began listening for free like so many other people. At first I listened from time to time and, in the last year my listening has certainly gone up. So finally this summer I decided to join and give my financial support to their cause and mission. I also got a t-shirt out of it.

Behind that tug to join was my desire to do more than just be a listener. I preach as a pastor to “be a participant, not a consumer” of church. Being a listener is certainly something, but being a member is another step. In joining I now truly feel like I am a part of the community, I have truly given support to what I enjoy listening to. I find myself turning the phone and Bluetooth speaker on more often to listen and engage with the station.

Many of those reading these words already give their support to Faithful Shepherd through membership. On behalf of the church, thank you for your continued and ongoing support! Some others have yet to make that step, which is ok. It takes time. If you are ready for that next step, I cheer you on and I thank you!

Faithful Shepherd will for years to come continue to serve in love all of those God puts in our midst. And yet, the stronger our membership is, the more we can do together as a church in our community.

This Fall Season presents an opportunity for everyone to help FSPC ‘bounce back’ and move forward in a strong and adventurous way.

Whether you’re considering becoming a member for the first time, or continuing to support this church through membership for its 33rd year as a congregation of the PC(USA) I honor and appreciate you!

Here are the opportunities to join and give this Fall:

New Member Class - After worship on October 31st

Blessing of 2022 Service and Financial Pledges - November 21st

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