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Gratitude + Generosity = Finance

It is stunning how much my view of finance has changed since being called into ministry.

Looking back, make no mistake about it the fact that I…

1) accepted the call to FSPC in May (woo-hoo, a real job with benefits!)

2) moved to Omaha and bought a house in June (wow, this is cool AND responsible)

3) found out we were expecting Grace in July (even cooler than a house with MORE responsibility) . . . all within 3 months.

It abruptly changed my view of money and finances.

On our journey together these past seven years since then I have grown in my understanding of what makes a church and non-profit work behind the scenes, and that has only advanced my degree in finance.

On the surface, finance looks very technical. It is not. Finance is spiritual. Yes, you read that correctly. Finance is spiritual because of its rootedness in the very spiritual movements of gratitude and generosity.

I have become passionate about gratitude and generosity, and I only hope you grow in your passion too. I look for opportunities to show gratitude and generosity in my own life and I cheer on those I see showing it. Open your eyes, the givers are all around us.

Some of you reading this know exactly what I mean when I attempt to name the feeling inside after giving generously some of what you have to God or to someone else (which is very much the work of giving to God).

My heart swells up when I see my kids, on their own accord, show generosity in sharing with one another and others. I believe that all children must learn to share (give), and it is awesome to watch the evolution from the existential crisis of letting someone else have something to the compassion and joy that can come with sharing ad seeing the enjoyment of someone else. Generosity is a learned skill in adults too, by the way.

I’ve learned that grasping or clinging to anything in life is no way to show you love it or to show you love someone else.

With perspective, this has become clear to me. But, clinging to what is ours is our most natural way of living. Sharing is not just an evolution but a transformation of character that comes on the journey of faith through life experiences.

Around October 11th you will receive the 2021 giving pledge for Faithful Shepherd (you knew where I was going with this, right?) 2020 has been a doozy of a year for all of us, and it would be unwise to imagine that 2021 will be vastly different. Even so, with the principles of gratitude and generosity as a guiding light, I assure you that all shall be well.

Now is the time, this is the year to show your gratitude to God and your love through gratitude and generosity. Do not wait for someone else to do it for you or on your behalf. You can be the initiator of grace and love toward others.

I am honored to journey on for another year with you as we grow in our degrees of trust toward one another. Graced by God and fueled by its members, FSPC is capable of doing more than we can imagine.

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