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Falling in Love Again

Do you remember the last time you fell in love? Do you remember the way it felt?

And please don’t assume I’m only speaking about the love shared with another person, although I am speaking of that kind of love too. I have fallen in love with lots of things over the years. I’ve fallen in love with my wife, my children, God, a book, a song, an idea, a conviction.

One marker of love is that you simply can’t stop thinking about whatever it is. It’s one of the last things you think about before going to bed and one of the first things that’s on your heart and mind when you wake up in the morning. Its presence fills up you heart-space throughout the day, and you catch yourself day dreaming about future possibilities. We all know—in small ways and large—what it feels like to be in love.

As the season of Lent begins this month, it’s a worthy opportunity to consider your love and what in your life you just might fall in love with all over again with a little focused effort. Here are some things in your life you might examine as you look to fall in love again.

Your Spouse and/or Family – What was it that drew you to your beloved when you first met? That quality is still within them. Do you remember the cherished past with your children or family? What small thing could you do to re-kindle the fire of past love?

God – We believe God is ever-present. This aspect of God comes as a curious challenge when it comes to love because God becomes so easy to take for granted. What is a brand-new way you might express your love for God? One great way is to renew your sense of gratitude. Walking through a day thanking God for all things large and small helps us see God’s movement in a brand-new and loving way.

Scripture – The story of God’s love for us is located in scripture. See if you can read scripture in new ways. Perhaps you might pick up a new and different translation, or find a well-written devotional on a chapter. I recommend Eugene Peterson’s books Run with the Horses about Jeremiah and Leap Over a Wall about David as fresh reads on ancient chapters.

The church & Worship – What was it that attracted you to the church in the very first place? Do you feel it has become less than inspirational to attend weekly worship? Try the practice of seeing worship through the eyes of someone else in the congregation. Or, be very mindful and tuned into the fact that worship is about praising God (not about our preferences) and see how this new sense might carry you to a new attitude of worship.

Life truly is full of opportunities to feel love. It is only natural for the things we love to become commonplace items. May we develop new and fresh eyes and hearts to feel new love for aging objects once again.

Love, Pastor Nick

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