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I’ve had cars on my mind lately . . . And parking lots.

But I’m sure we all can agree that cars are more interesting to think about than parking lots.

Do you remember your first car?

Mine was a 1985 Mercury Cougar. It was black with a thin red stripe going down the side. Oh, and it had spoked hubcaps.

Like a 15 year old (I had a school permit) getting behind the wheel, FSPC is about to experience something brand new. Way back in March I used the analogy of a detour to describe what the Corona Virus was doing to our journey together. Remember this about a detour: it is a roundabout way to travel, but its purpose is to gradually and safely put us back on the road we’ve been traveling. The destination remains the same.

It’s only fitting then that our next step together features car radios, a parking lot, and tailgates. This next step will be experimental and experiential, and we’ll be on it together. We’ll ask for grace as we figure out the best ways to create great moments in worship from our front porch.

So, I say now like I said it in as we entered the detour in March, “Buckle up.”

We keep taking steps forward because we are driven by something that is outside of us. We are human beings that are created to respond to God’s presence and grace through honoring him with our worship—no matter where, when, or how. These past several months we have learned that our worship is not attached to a place or even a time, but it is up to us to respond individually and collectively as a community. We have found new spaces and places to worship; places that have always been there but perhaps were seldom utilized.

Where have you stopped to tune into FSPC’s service and worship God these past months?

Your living room? Your backyard swing? A lakeshore? I can affirm that each of these places are holy and connected.

Our next step takes us to the front porch of the church. From this spot we’ll broadcast our worship online through live-streaming and over the radio waves through an FM frequency. Our goal is to create something faithful and new that is one measured step closer to physically gathering with one another.

The road (detour or not) travels on. Each mile brings a new and changing landscape that was different than the mile before. I ask that your expectation and mind/heart space heading to worship in the coming weeks be different too. We are not returning to what was, but experiencing what is right now and what will be on the next mile.

Like that 15-year-old taking his Cougar to school the first time, I am excited and anxious to get behind the wheel and see just what this car can do.

Whaddya say, up for a drive?

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