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Collective Moments of Renewal & Transformation

When you tune your mind, heart, and body towards it, you will find God’s renewing and transforming power ever-present. We have a problem though. In this life worries, anxieties, issues, health, stress, family, and general busy-ness distract us from keeping in tune. We do have our moments, though. We’ve all felt them in our lives. Moments when we just know things are going to be o.k. Moments when we are struck by the brilliance and power of nature (12” of snow, for example). Moments when someone says something that is directed straight to our heart-space.

In 2021 I am resolved to open my body, mind, and spirit to witnessing and experiencing more of these moments. I invite you to join me!

As I was planning out 2021 I was struck again to how rhythmic the natural and cultural seasons of the year are. This year as Pastor I will be using these seasons to frame worship and church life.

The Next Steps of January – Christmas has happened…so what’s next? As a new calendar year begins we consider what is next in our journey with the living Christ.

  • Finding Center in Lent (February-March) – Lent is a journey of self-examination and study. It is a time to consider faith and focus on the essential call Christ has for us in our lives.

  • Spring Renewal (April-May) – Spring is when our natural world wakes up from its winter dormancy. Easter is a celebration of new life and possibility. May all things be renewed in God!

  • Summer Re-creation (June-August) – My family loves to travel and recreate in the warm summer months. As we take time to recreate God is busy doing the work of re-creating our purpose and drive.

  • Fall Transformation (September-October) – As the days become shorter and nature shows signs of the changing season, we look to see how we have been transformed by God. Fall is a time of gathering and harvest and a time of taking inventory to see just how we’ve been transformed.

  • A Season of Gratitude (November) – Gratitude is powerful! When we see the world through the lens of gratitude, we are introduced to all of the abundance God has given us. As we pledge our giving and our service for the next year, we do so as a response of gratitude for all that we have.

  • Advent: New Beginnings (December) – Advent is the time for preparation and longing for God’s new and continued incarnational work in our lives. Like Lent, it is a time of finding center and celebrating the essential.

In each of these seasons, God’s renewing and transforming work is abundantly present. Let us have open senses, hearts, and minds to experience this goodness!

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