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Bouncing Back: The Resilient Church

On August 21st I introduced the elders to the driving theme I will be using for the coming church year.

Together, I challenge us all to be the church that shows resiliency and “bounce back” as we continue to confront a great challenge together. Bouncing back and being resilient will be significant sources of health for the church as we face a new landscape together.

Can you identify moments of bounce back you’ve experienced in your life? Who do you characterize as resilient? What is it about their nature that keeps them bouncing back from the challenges life has thrown their way? Are you able to name some resilient moments in church history?

Having the ability to bounce back will be how we move forward in a healthy and strong way as a church together.

The circumstances of the last 18 months have created plenty of opportunities for the church to either hit the wall and splatter or fall.

It has also created moments for the church to regain our shape and bounce back. The challenging landscape that lies ahead will also present itself with plenty of opportunities for the church to discover just how resilient it can be.

We will officially kick off our new season and our focus on resiliency on September 19th. During that worship service you will be given a physical reminder of resiliency to carry with you through the coming year. And throughout the year I invite you to keep your eyes open in and around the church for signs of resilience and bounce back!

Pastor Nick

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