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Back to the Basics

As the summer season draws to a close, excitement for a new school year is ramping up around the Dougherty house. Energy for what is coming next is filling up our lives.

And while we look ahead, we must realize that things get pretty casual around our house in the summer time. One tough transition will be shifting bedtime away from the 9:00 (or 10:00!) hour and toward a time that is much more appropriate for school nights and early mornings.

Day to day schedules change with the school year and our calendar reflects it. Whether you have a school aged one at home or not, a shift of the seasons is beginning to be upon us all.

It’s times like these that I like to refocus my attention on what I see as the basics. What is core? What is essential?

This August, I invite you to join me for a worship series that returns us ‘Back to the Basics.’ We’ll refocus our attention on the four pillars of this church: worship, growth, service, and sharing. We’ll revisit some of the history and traditions of this church and the greater church that point us in the direction of each of these pillars.

Each of these pillars are intimately tied to scripture . . .

Worship: Psalm 148

Growth: Ephesians 4:15-16

Service: Romans 12:3-8

Sharing: Matthew 5:14-16

No matter where you find yourself on this faith journey, it’s good practice to remember the core principals of what church life is all about.

In a recent sermon I proclaimed that “in order to be adaptive to change, you must first find that which does not change.” These principals, and the scripture they rest on, do not change, no matter how the church might grow and adapt.

So come join me this August as we get back to the basics!

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