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Can a Pledge Serve as a Spiritual Manifesto?

Another word for manifesto is declaration. To declare something is to officially and publicly give name to it and proclaim that it is really important. Can an annual pledge really be this for you? For as long as you have been a participant in the life of FSPC you have received the opportunity to pledge your giving for the next year. Your response matters greatly. For one thing, pledging is a necessary move as it gives church leadership an accurate picture of the income in the next year. Pledging our dollars is also a deeply Spiritual move, if you let it be so. How we plan and use our finances is a window into what is valuable in our lives. Many people hold finances as very personal and private. For some it drives their career and the hours they work. For more than a few finances create stress and anxiety. We have unlocked a key understanding to how the Kingdom works when we see the full picture of our finances as gifts given by God and our response is the stewardship thereof. Financial pledges can be for you, if you choose, a manifesto, a clear statement of what truly matters. Life is not all about finances though, is it? If we were to create together an honest list of the truly valued and treasured items in our lives, I'm going to bet that along with what we spend our money on would be how we use our time and energy. For that reason, you will notice that the FSPC pledge you will receive this year will look very different from those in the past. As important as the understanding that this unique and particular church cannot financially function or survive without the giving of its participants is the understanding that the church cannot fully live out its call without the time, energy, and prayers of its members and participants. You will see that this year's pledge is divided into two sections: The Stewardship of Service and The Stewardship of Finance. Both of these: service and finances, are very valuable and important to God and to the function and life of the church. This current season could be for you a moment in time to take inventory of that which is truly important in your life as you renew your pledge of finances, time, and energy to God. You might consider this action, not so different than the busy squirrels, a "collecting and storing up" of the truly valuable things in your life for the long winter and the next year that comes with it. As you do, you are making a strong declaration of what is truly valuable to you. Pastor Nick

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