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Seeing Clearly, 20/20

As a child it was always exciting to me when a new year brought with it a new decade. We naturally group decades together in history and culture. When viewed in history, each has brought with its collective trends, changes, and monumental events. In your mind’s eye, can you think back upon some of the decades of your life? Where were you? What was happening in your world? Who were you then?

While we all know our unique lives cannot be neatly divided into 10 year groupings, a new decade always presents itself as a new beginning and a fresh start. What will the ‘20’s bring? Some things seem predictable while other events we know will be completely unpredictable.

I would like to introduce you to the stewardship theme for this year, as our church readies itself to faithfully enter a new year of worship, growth, service, and sharing.

Seeing Clearly in 20/20 focuses on taking a sharp look at our purpose and place as a church in service of Jesus Christ. It asks us to examine our giving and how we are stewards of God’s creation. Like a good checkup, we are drawn to examining our health and making some plans for the future. I make sure to remind the elders from time to time (as I remind myself) that the call to growth, change, and transformation does not mean that something is broken or falling apart. It means that growth is a part of growing in grace and should be something sought after our whole lives.

In worship during the months of September (beginning the 15th), October, and November we will be focusing on Seeing Clearly in 20/20. The giving of our income and money is just one aspect of our checkup. We will be giving attention to your purpose and function as a member of Faithful Shepherd Presbyterian Church.

I am looking forward to growing with you!

Be Thou My Vision, Oh Ruler of All

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