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Journey To the Cross

I would like to invite you to come along on a journey with me.

I am here and pleased to tell you this journey has a beginning and it has an end. The place and time it begins is in an act of worship on Ash Wednesday. The place and time it ends is in an act of worship on Easter Sunday.

You and I together are the sojourners.

The end destination is the empty cross and along the journey will come a deeper understanding of self, role, identity, connection with God and one another, and self care.

Each week during this Lenten season we will take some moments to examine our core selves and consider where each of us might be on our individual journey to the cross.

Each Sunday during Lent you and I will have two unique opportunities to walk the pathway marked by worship, discipleship, and growth together.

Sunday mornings we will journey along with Jesus in Luke's gospel as he draws near the cross that awaits him. We'll proclaim the good news together that it is the empty cross that gives us life eternal. We will remember and recall the sacrifice.

Sunday evenings we will take the individual journey of self as we consider practices of Spiritual care and study, intent on drawing nearer to Jesus and his way for our lives.

I personally invite you to experience the full depth and breadth of Lent this year by joining together in this journey.

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