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Welcome to the new year, FSPC!

As the count of days has started over once again, our congregation and its leadership embark on a new year of obstacles and opportunities with plenty of memories and growth in wisdom to be made.

One of the great first moments of 2019 will be our Annual Congregational Meeting after worship on January 27th. These meetings can take on as many unique forms as there are unique PC(USA) congregations and pastors. Most, including many of FSPC’s past meetings, follow a “business as usual” type meeting model, covering the necessary business of the day and sticking to it.[1]

The most common topics covered at an Annual Congregational Meeting are 1) the election of deacons, elders, and congregational nominating committee, 2) the approval of the pastor’s annual terms of call.

This year we will be taking on these items of “business as usual,” but we will also take up the opportunity to reflect and relive some of the year that has passed, we will dream dreams about the year to come, and consider what story or narrative our church’s annual budget tells about our worship and ministry in and for the world.

This year I invite the members (and guests!) of FSPC to come to the meeting with open and imaginative hearts and minds, and a faithful attitude of togetherness as we take on and consider all that we will have to offer to God and the world in a new year.

Join us!

[1] Polity Note: Actually, these meetings are designed to be “business as usual” as, by rule, those topics named in the meeting announcement are the only topics that can be taken up as business. This is by design, so someone can’t shout out in the middle of the meeting “let’s fire the pastor!” or “let’s put in a swimming pool!” Each of those could be items of business for a congregational meeting, but they need to be given to the congregation with a two-week notice.

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