We return to "drive-in" worship THIS SUNDAY!  Repairs to our parking lot are complete, so we will return to drive-in worship!

Next Steps

Grace and Peace to you!


Faithful Shepherd’s session meets regularly to discuss the next steps for our faith community. We will share updates with you here.

Get ready for Drive-in Worship

Through the blessing of Memorial Funds, we have everything we need for Drive-In and live-streamed worship here at FSPC. This new way to join together in worship will be FM Transmitted so that vehicles and radios in our parking lot can hear the service. You will have the option to sit outside your vehicle or remain in your vehicle during worship. Either way, it’s our hope you will feel welcome to gather to praise God in a unique and new way together!

These worship services will also be live-streamed on Face Book and recorded on You Tube so that it is accessible for those who are in our church community both near and far.


To be a welcoming and safe place for all, we have developed a set of guidelines for our Drive-In Worship service. These guidelines are included with this letter and will be posted at the church. As the date for our first Drive-In worship draws nearer, you can look out for more helpful details about the service.


During this extraordinary time, we are excited to be taking this next step in welcoming our faith community back to W. Center and 165th Avenue for worship. We also remain dedicated in offering worship online for our extended community that gathers for worship in homes near and far. 


We honor and respect the thoughts and opinions of all we are called to serve, and urge you to contact Pastor Nick or any member of the Session with any thought, concern, or question you may have. FSPC’s Session will actively look for discernment of the next steps as we continue to meet. 


In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Nick and the Session of Faithful Shepherd Presbyterian Church

(Patrick Ackerman, Steve Drager, Kelly Egger, David Hurst, Steve Hope, Marian Lord,              John Miller, Lois Stage, Katie Wittrig)



Drive-In Worship at Faithful Shepherd Sundays at 10:00am 

Guidelines & Best Practices

* Be patient with one another and respect a 6-foot distance between households.

* If you or someone you have been in close contact with have any COVID-19 symptoms, please remain at home. And     please let us know of any needs you or your family have that the church might help with!

* If you will be sitting outside your vehicle, please bring your own chairs.

* Please wear a cloth mask or face covering when you are outside your vehicle. Children above 2 years old should           also wear a mask, if compliant.


Building Use:

* The building is open for restroom use. Please practice the following measures when using the building for                     restrooms: Enter and exit the building through the South Family Life Center's Automatic doors.

* Sanitize hands before entering and after exiting the building.

* Wash hands with soap and water after using the restrooms.

* Only one person or family group permitted in a restroom at a time. Please be patient!

* Please accompany children in the building and restrooms at all times.



* Entrance: 165th Avenue Exit: Arbor Street

* Parking spaces will be marked in an ‘every-other’ pattern for those who plan to remain in their cars and those who     plan to sit outside their cars. This will help us welcome and accommodate all who come in a fair and safe way.

* Parking lot greeters will help direct you!

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