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Grace and Peace to you,


From the Session of Faithful Shepherd


On Saturday, August 21st the Session of Faithful Shepherd responded again to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  Since our last meeting together in June, we have been watching the local COVID-19 case data and risk factors and have listened to the input of health and medical experts in our community.


In response to the latest surge of the virus, we ask everyone who is able to please wear a face mask at worship on Sunday morning.  During our time of fellowship after worship, your face mask may be removed while eating or drinking. 


Those leading worship who are fully vaccinated (pastor, worship leader, musicians) may also remove their mask while leading worship, as long as they can keep a safe physical distance. This newest response went into effect Sunday, August 22nd and will remain our practice as we continue to watch, listen, and discern.    


It’s important to share with you what was at the very heart of this decision’s discussion. 

During the meeting, two main points of discussion rose above the rest. 


* The calling to provide a safe environment of welcome to families, especially those with children who are not yet eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Parents and families, you are so loved!


* The call to do whatever it takes to reach more people with the message of the Gospel. Asking our attendees to wear a face mask is one simple measure we can take to welcome more people to our worship service.

We will continue to journey through this pandemic.  We have come a long way since March of 2020, and we will continue on this pathway forward together.


In Christ’s love,

Pastor Nick & The Faithful Shepherd Session

Pat Ackerman, Steve Drager, David Hurst, Steve Hope, Marsha Krabbenhoft, Marian Lord, John Miller, Lois Stage, Katie Wittrig