Worship @ FSPresby

Grace and Peace to you,


From the Session of Faithful Shepherd


The Session of Faithful Shepherd met on Monday June 21st for its regular monthly meeting and discussed again the numerous aspects of worship, mission, and fellowship here at Faithful Shepherd. Our objective is to continue to take measured steps forward in how we form the experiences of gathering together for worship and living out our Christian fellowship.


We celebrate low COVID-19 case numbers and a growing number of people who are fully vaccinated. We also understand that not everyone in our community is yet able to be vaccinated. As a community of faith, we want to lead and respond in a way that is grace-filled and respectful, showing love to everyone. We understand each person and household is finding their own pathway through this pandemic.  


At the meeting, the elders again shared their unique perspectives and views while listening to one another. We took into consideration congregational feedback as well as subjective and objective information, and then made some decisions together that we feel reflect measured steps forward for our church.  


Facemasks –Wearing a facemask here at the FSPC facility is now elective and optional for those who have fully received the COVID-19 vaccination. While many of us have received the full vaccination, we are aware there are some who are unable or not eligible to receive the vaccination. If you have not, we urge you to continue to bring and wear your mask.


We also understand there are some in our congregation that are vaccinated and will choose to continue to wear a facemask here at the church. No matter the personal choice, we welcome all to the worship, fellowship, and ministry of Faithful Shepherd.


Some other changes that will begin in July:


Worship Seating Arrangement – The seating arrangement and number of seats in the sanctuary and narthex will be changing. We won’t be setting all of the chairs up just yet, but there will be a new arrangement that will give families and groups more freedom to sit with one another. 


Bibles and Hymnals – We will also be placing the Bibles and hymnals back under the sanctuary chairs. If you would like to take a hymnal and/or Bible with you to use as your own and bring with you to worship, please feel free to do so!


Congregational Singing – For many, singing together is one of the great joys of worship and has been greatly missed. While masks will be optional here at the church, we ask that you keep one with you to wear while we are singing together as a congregation. 


Fellowship after Worship – If you would like to stay after worship and enjoy some table conversation and coffee, you are welcome to do so. We will start our offerings for a time of fellowship simply, with coffee and packaged juice.


We each bring different perspectives, experiences, and viewpoints when it comes to the continued response to COVID-19. We are all on this journey together, and together we will remain a faithful and vibrant church. 


If you have questions or would like to provide feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any member of the Session.


In Christ,

Pastor Nick and the Faithful Shepherd Session; 

Pat Ackerman, Steve Drager, Steve Hope, David Hurst, Marsha Krabbenhoft, Marian Lord, John Miller, Lois Stage, Katie Wittrig